The Rodin Modular Language vers. 8 aug 2009 User Manual and Report

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Bacău, Romania,

The scope of this paper is to provide news concerning The Rodin Project ( a national specific modular didactic language actually used as a helping tool in teaching base of computer science in high school and universities. The problem of producing enough programmers is actual and is a necessary step in order to assure the future development of the IT industry, services and software infrastructure. Rodin is dedicated to the teaching of C-like language's concepts, a wide used set of languages. The Rodin Language is specific designed to cross the language barrier which appears when students without knoledge of English Language are supposed to quickly learn structured programming. Ther Rodin Language was release in aug. 2008. Teachers and students are encoureged and invited to contribute in order to build a corpus of Rodin Programs, based on the model of Free Software Groups. The sources written using Rodin are actually available free of charges from it's website [5]. Rodin is used by The Faculty of Mathematics of Bacau University and also by some high scools from Bacau and Iasi area. The papers contains information concerning several aspects of the project, visible at users level: syntax, examples, differences, notes, how to's . This community project dedicated to teachers The Rodin Language - is presented below.

Keywords: open source; community; Rodin, C-like languages, structured programming
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